Battle on the Bay | August 26, 2017 | Galveston, TX

Welcome race participants and fans! How about a place where both the sport of dragon boat and stand-up paddle racing meet and battle at an event like no other! With the combined forces of Island Paddle and Houston Heat Dragon Boat Club, we are excited to bring both paddling disciplines to one great event: The Galveston Battle on the Bay, held at Moody Gardens! We’ve taken our first-hand experience and input from fellow participants to put together an event like no other! This truly will be a paddling event run by paddlers! So gather your SUP and paddle! Round up your dragon boat crew! We’re gonna race until we see who comes out on top! Then at the end event, we’re gonna turn the top SUPs and the top dragon boat teams loose and see who is king! Not yet ready jump in on the races? Come out anyways! Spectator admission is free! Check out the website at