Meet the board

Houston Heat 2016 Board Members

  • Albert L. Wong, President
  • Jeff Gee, Vice President
  • Ann Wong, Treasurer
  • David Lim, Secretary
  • Carl Browning
  • Jackson Lau
  • Margaret Waters
  • Albert Wong

*Continued thanks to past board members Lex De Groot, Herbert Gee, Barbara Hartle, Matthew Murphy, Laura Slovey, Si Tran and Mary Yee.

 Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee – Albert L., Jeff, Ann, David L.
  • Coaches Committee – Jeff (Lead), Coach Albert, David L, Matt, Jackson
  • Multimedia Committee – Ann (Lead), Si
  • Social Committee – Margaret (Lead), Si, Ann, Mary, Eann, Gaby, Masha
  • Sponsorship Committee – David (Lead), Ann
  • Recruiting Committee – Jeff (Lead)
  • Financial Committee – Ann (Lead), Albert
  • Assets Committee – Coach Albert (Lead), Jeff, David
  • Cross Training Committee – Matt (Lead), Coach Albert

* Want to join a Committee?  Participation on Committees is open to all paid Houston Heat members. If you would like to volunteer for a Committee, send an email to